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A larger percentage of vehicles made in the last 20 years include a car immobilizer system as one of the anti-theft features. When it functions properly, it reduces your chances of being stolen. But how does it function? You may be wondering. A car immobilizer system is a great piece of security equipment that makes it difficult for anyone to steal your car. Its main purpose is to stop your car from being hotwired and driven away by someone who doesn’t have the keys to your car. According to statistics, the car theft rate has reduced drastically over the last few years since it was introduced.

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If you own a car made in the last 20 years, then your car has this system. You have probably been using it without even noticing it. Many car dealerships mostly distribute electronic or transponder keys instead of traditional keys. As a result, one would get a bag that has two or more buttons at the base. These buttons can be used to unlock and lock your car, pop the trunk, and sometimes start your vehicle. In more recent cars, key fobs don’t have actual keys attached to them. These cars mostly have push-to-start ignition systems. As such, you simply need to be in the car with the key fob.

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Damage to your car’s immobilizer could affect your ignition key. This means that even with the correct transponder car keys remotes, you may be unable to start your car’s engine. It will also affect your car’s security as the immobilizer acts as a transceiver of the passcode sent by your key fob chip. Surely there will be trouble starting your car if there is nothing to verify the passcode. In this case, you would have to contact a reliable locksmith Manhattan as soon as possible.

Jesuits Locksmith is a reliable locksmith Manhattan service provider in Manhattan. We can make repairs to your car immobilizer and also replace it if need be. Most people who aren’t familiar with this device within your car start to assume their key is the problem. Some may even attempt to replace the batteries in the key fob, only to be disappointed. While you may read about it to find out what may be wrong, it is always better to have a key and locksmith expert come to have a look. Rest assured that whatever the issue is with your electronic security system will be addressed by our top professionals.

Transponder Key Replacement & Programming Services!

Losing your car keys can be quite frustrating, especially when you haven’t done everything to make sure you don’t. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter what we do or put in place. A key can get lost at any time. However, losing your car key can be a different kind of headache. Recent car keys are chipped, which means you can’t replace them just like you would replace traditional ignition keys. As a result, you would have to contact a key expert.
Jesuits Locksmith is always available to help make a replacement for your lost car key. We also have the device to program it to work well with your car. The goal of any key programming is to ensure the passcode or radio wave being sent is acceptable by the transceiver. In this case, you would be able to use your car key remote as intended. There is only one company like us in the city. Reach out to us for all your automobile locksmith services.

Emergency Lockout Services – Swift Response Service

Found yourself locked out of your car? Perhaps you have misplaced your car keys? Well, anybody can lose their car keys, but not everybody knows which auto lock company to call when it happens. In the case where you have locked your keys in the car, your car would have to be unlocked without the keys. This is a process that only an auto key and lock expert can handle. Modern cars can not be simply jimmied open; there are special processes that have been mastered by professionals. So, you shouldn’t try using a slim jimmy to pry open your car door.

Additionally, other than a swift response to your car lockout situation, we are able to make you a new key on the spot. This is in the case where you have lost your car key. Trust us to do the best job for you wherever and whenever needed. A simple call to us, and our attendants will relay your request to the nearest locksmith to you in the city.

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