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Jesuits Locksmiths are able to operate various types of locksets, equipment, devices, and other kinds of security devices, which is what they do best. The lock can become only a functional device if it lacks a highly efficient and functional key. For instance, many types of house doors include locks that are installed as stationary objects. Additionally, padlocks behave docilely, in addition to mobile locks. Our security door locks can duplicate the key for you, which is one of the best ways to secure it. At Jesuits Locksmith in Manhattan, NY we have a team of experts to complete your security lock needs because security and safety are our top priorities.
Security Door Locks - Jesuits locksmith

Our Duplication Services for High-Security Keys Are the Following:

Keys to a house – these are probably the most common keys. We ensure the keys are genuine as this is extremely important for residential properties

Keys for cars:

Keys used in either cars or automobiles are mainly used to open, close, and start the vehicle. To make sure that every time car owners leave their cars on parking lots, their vehicles are locked properly, we ensure that the keys we have are of the best and highest quality.

Master key System:

Our car keys are of the highest quality so that car owners can be assured that their automobiles are locked properly every time they leave them in parking lots. and the highest quality

Control key:

Usually, these types of keys are used for locking systems that can be removed. Every time customers leave their vehicles parked on parking lots, we ensure we have keys that are made of the highest quality to ensure that their vehicles are fully protected.

Keys for Transponder:

In a transponder key, the car’s ignition key consists of an emitting circuit, located inside the car, which emits a signal to the car’s control module. So you don’t have to worry, we will make an original copy of this key. Whatever the complexity, we can handle it.

Two-sided keys:

There are two sets of teeth on a double-sided key, which resembles keys for cars and houses. We can duplicate this kind of key with the help of our expected locksmiths

Keys with four sides are called four-sided keys. Due to its four sides, it has four sides makes it extremely difficult to replicate but also very strong. If you order your keys from High Security door locks, be assured they will be copied correctly.

An asymmetrical key:

Keys designed for opening paracentric locks can also be duplicated. Paracentric keys are designed specifically for these types of locks.

How We Duplicate Keys for High Security Locks !

Traditionally, we have done key duplication by cutting keys. With an attached blanket in a parallel vise, a flat key can work perfectly with certain machines. We will remove the original key from the wheel, as well as its blanket, and we’ll cut it. Once we have cut it, we will proceed to create the new key. By using a metal brush, it is scrubbed to eliminate burrs. Burrs These metals usually appear on keys as small pieces of metal. The lock can become foul if this is not removed.

A milling or grinding machine can automate a number of key cutting machines less. We tend to be more serious and demanding when it comes to key duplication, which requires highly qualified and experienced locksmiths. Our duplication process involves clear margins. In addition, the depth of the notch experiences various wears that lead to alterations. We duplicate all the notches of the keys so they have a depth that is longer than the notch width. The duplicate keys that are available at security door locks are very effective and durable in that regard. Moreover, we have all our commercial locksmith services, residential services, and car locksmith services to keep you secure to deal with all lock combinations. Security door locks provided by Jesuits Locksmith are very secure.

The Benefits of Our Security Door Locks

We for security door locks are the best company for locksmith services if you are located in or around the area. We guarantee that we will give you the most accurate key duplication services available in the market today.

Our locksmith services in Manhattan, NY cover a variety of locksmith issues, including key replacement, key repair, and key installations for automobiles, homes, and businesses. All of our locksmiths are highly qualified and highly experienced, and we hire only the best professionals. As well as the four days of the week, we are open 24 hours a day because we recognize incidents can occur at any time.

You can rely on the security door locks to provide all the things you desire in terms of the protection and safety of your home if you want to look for professionals in the industry you can trust. The best and highest quality work will be done for you at an inexpensive rate.
We will be happy to answer your questions when you call our customer service representatives.

In order for you to get the highest quality locksmith service, we will provide you with the most accurate information. For more information on what our company can do for you, your car, or any commercial and household properties, call us today. Only the best will do.

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